Our Team is the Core Difference. We're dedicated to fueling your sailing aspirations. The Chesapeake-Annapolis squad is primed to support you. Our Annapolis loft boasts heavy duty sewing machines and a stocked fabric inventory for swift repairs. Free inspections are routine, accompanied by a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis for sail repair or replacement. We evaluate your sails considering your future plans, ensuring appropriate recommendations. Greg Koski, the loft owner, injects a lifetime of sail-making wisdom into our business. He's a cornerstone for guidance, both for our team and customers. Greg's ownership of Ullman lofts in Buffalo and Cleveland enriches our resources. Steve Ross, our sailmaker and loft manager, embodies versatility—from inshore racing to offshore cruising, he maximizes your boat's potential. Steve honed his craft at Quantum Sails, mentored by Brian DeBrincat of American Magic, and eventually become floor manager of Quantum's Annapolis loft. On-site sail repairs are Steve's forte, and he gladly collaborates during inspections. Jayne Durden, our resident cruising aficionado and southern Anne Arundel County representative, epitomizes a life immersed in sailing. Her journey from racing a Mirror dinghy in Port Philip Bay, Australia, to cruising the East Coast with her parents, reflects her passion. Now a USCG licensed captain, she navigates the East Coast and Caribbean, drawing on her extensive experience cruising, racing, and teaching.